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Church, the way it should be
Byron City Church
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No fancy clothes required
Sundays @ 10:30 a.m.
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Children’s Church
Sundays @ 10:30 a.m.
Ages 3 Through 9
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About Us
Byron City Church is a new church (commonly called a church “plant”), born out of the desire to create fellowships that are authentic, real, and free of “religion” and unhealthy tradition. And while we do recognize that some tradition is healthy, there are a lot of things you won’t find here, such as an organ, a hymnal, and people in ties, or even an offering plate. However, you will find people who love you and care for you. They are imperfect people in love with a perfect Savior! You will find modern worship that glorifies God and not us or our story and an emphasis on “teaching” the Bible over “preaching” to God’s people.

We believe that church should be simple. We won’t use complicated “programs” to serve the Lord or the outside world. That should be done through the saints of God. No program should interfere with the work of the saints as needed for ministry. So, you can expect our church to look like this: A church that meets in homes for regular fellowship, where the needs of God come out of desires placed on the people’s hearts, where the work of God flows through particular groups, and where “the assembling of ourselves” occurs weekly as we gather for corporate worship. We are INTENTIONALLY simple. Some call it Deliberate Simplicity. We call it church! If you feel the same we might just be the church you are looking for! If you are into big, bulky churches with tons of programs, we may not be the best fit for you.

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